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To Feature Wall or Not to Feature Wall...?

We often get asked ‘what does the other side of your main bathroom look like?’ Well, here it is.

When designing this space, we thought a lot about whether or not we wanted to incorporate a full length feature wall. We ended up deciding against this as we wanted our bathroom to be timeless, one that looked beautiful and a space that wouldn’t date over time.

We’ve incorporated feature walls in other homes in the past and some things we thought would ‘never date’ have gone out of fashion relatively quickly, so we were sure we didn’t want this to happen with #haaus2.

We chose a 600 x 600 sand beige tiles and paired them with a matt white half wall herringbone tile in the shower space. We are sold on our decision to only use a feature tile for the shower area as it is simple yet adds an element of character to the space.

Where possible, we always use matt over gloss. For us, we feel that gloss sometimes cheapens a space whereas matt creates that over all raw, lux feel. This is however, just our personal preference.

Create the Look:

🍃 Design: @haausdesign

🍃 Tiles: Snow White 600 x 600 from @bedrocktileandslate(ask for Bill)

🍃 Shower Tiles: White Subway in Matt from @bedrocktileandslate

🍃 Gold Shower Trim: @cram.tiling

🍃 Showerhead: Dana Showerhead in Brushed Brass from @abiinteriors

🍃Shower arm: Phili Shower Arm in Brushed Brass from @abiinteriors

🍃Mixer: Progressive Mixer in Brushed Brass from @abiinteriors

🍃 Hand Shower: Kobi Hand Shower in Brushed Brass from @abiinteriors

🍃 Showerscreen: Custom Curved Screen in Bright White (so it doesn’t throw green) from Col’s Glass Dapto

🍃 Body Wash: @aesopskincare

🍃 Stool: Akoni Stool in Natural from @uniqwacollections

🍃 Travertine: Scandi Candle Stick (Large) from @freedom_australia

🍃Bath Mat: Vintage Wash Bath Mat in Clay from @saardehome

🍃 Lotus: @amara_home

🍃Towel Hooks: Otto Robe Hook from @abiinteriors

🍃 Towels: Pure Linen Towel in Natural by @cultiver_goods

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