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Choosing the Perfect Flooring: Unveiling Our Selection for Inara House

Curious About Perfecting the Art of Floor Design? Let's Dive In!

Our latest project, Inara House, has sparked a whirlwind of inquiries about our flooring choices. Today, we're excited to share the details behind our selection of Tinge Oak 15mm Engineered Oak Timber Flooring from @imperialflooringaustralia.

The Art of Engineered Oak Flooring

One of the driving forces behind our choice was the balance it strikes between natural beauty and durability. Engineered oak flooring, with its multi-layered composition, marries the captivating allure of wood with robust strength, ideal for homes that stand the test of time.

15mm Thickness: Stability Meets Aesthetics

The 15mm thickness of Tinge Oak added an element of stability and longevity that perfectly complemented Inara House's vision. Its grain patterns and colour variations harmonized seamlessly with the desired aesthetic, adding character and charm to every corner.

A Proven Partner: Imperial Flooring Australia

Having relied on @imperialflooringaustralia for our flooring needs in all our previous projects, this choice was a natural extension of our trust in their products. We've come to know their quality and reliability intimately, making the decision for Inara House an effortless one.

A Tale of Two Patterns

Inside Inara House, we weaved a tale of two patterns: Herringbone and straight panel flooring. Each was carefully chosen to enhance the interior's unique charm.

Herringbone: Expanding Horizons

In the hallway, the Herringbone pattern was strategically employed to visually expand the space, making it feel open and inviting. The same pattern was selected for the front living area, creating an immediate 'wow factor' upon entry, and once again in the bar area, infusing an air of elegance into the atmosphere.

Straight Panels: Clean and Contemporary

Throughout the rest of the home, we opted for straight-panel flooring. This choice introduced a clean and contemporary aesthetic, ensuring a seamless flow from room to room.

A Fusion of Aesthetics

The purposeful combination of straight panels and Herringbone flooring was a design choice aimed at enhancing visual appeal. It allowed us to make the most of the unique features and ambience of Inara House, crafting a space that's not just functional but truly captivating.

In every room, every corner, and every choice, Inara House stands as a testament to the art of flooring, where beauty meets durability, and aesthetics dance with functionality. Stay tuned for more insights into our design journey!

🍃Flooring: @imperialflooringaustralia Tinge Oak 15mm Engineered Oak Timber Flooring

🍃Property: @inarahousethirroul

🍃Interiors: Rebecca @haausdesign

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