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How Does HAAUS. 2 Always Look So Clean and Clear?

Well... The secret is behind these closed doors!

We are loving this little hidey hole for storing all those essential items that we don’t want sitting on our bench top (toaster, kettle, coffee machine etc) but there are days when we get an unexpected visitor and we’ll quickly buzz around, shove everything in the pantry space and close the doors shut 😝

The bifold door system has been a game changer as it ensures the doors function in a space and sit beautifully when open.

We didn’t always plan on having this little area however, we’re so glad that we did it and we will do it over and over again.

Create the Look

🍃 Design: @haausdesign

🍃 Cabinetry (pantry): @polytec Natural Oak Matt

🍃 Cabinetry (kitchen): @polytec 30% Sheen Vivid White

🍃 Integrated Fridge/Freezer: @fisherpaykel

🍃 Handles: @loandcointeriors Kintore Appliance Pull

🍃 Island Bench: @porta_timber Riverine Profile

🍃 Stone: @smartstoneaustralia Davinci Blanco 20mm

🍃 Kettle: @alessi_official Plisse Electric Kettle 1.7L White

🍃 Brass Tray: @zakkiahomewares

🍃 Glass Jars: @zakkiahomewares

🍃 Peach Vase: @freedom_australia

🍃 Flooring: @imperialflooringaustralia New England Blackbutt 9mm

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