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Creating An Inviting Lounge Room

Ever Wondered How To Pull the Perfect Living Room Plan Together? Read On!

Ah, the art of designing a living room! It's like painting a masterpiece, but instead of canvas, you're using furniture, colors, and textures. Let us guide you through our fav tips and tricks that will make your living room a haven of style and comfort.

Rug Placement:We always choose a rug that's not just any rug, but a centerpiece that anchors the seating area. It should be generously sized, extending beyond the coffee table, and enticingly inviting the front legs of your sofas to rest upon it. This creates a sense of harmony and togetherness, like a warm embrace for your furniture.

Lounges: Oh, the joy of sinking into plush cushions after a long day! When selecting sofas, prioritize comfort without compromising on style. Look for sofas that beckon you to relax, with plush cushions that mold to your body and ample seating space for all. And why stop at just one sofa? Let your creativity soar by considering a combination of a sofa and armchairs, a symphony of seating options that will cater to every mood and gathering.

Furniture Arrangement: This is what we call the choreography of social interaction. Imagine a lively conversation flowing effortlessly through your living room. Arrange your sofas strategically to foster connection and encourage face-to-face interaction. Whether it's facing each other, inviting engaging conversations, or gently angled for a more relaxed atmosphere, the choice is yours. Don't forget the coffee table, the star of the show, standing proud in the center, offering a convenient resting spot for your drinks, snacks, and favorite books.

Armchairs: We love to choose armchairs that not only complement our sofas but also add a touch of individuality. Embrace the coziness with chairs adorned in upholstery that invites you to sink in and soft cushions that whisper, "Stay a while." These armchairs will provide additional seating options, accommodating friends and family who seek comfort and conversation.

Coffee Table: We love to choose coffee tables that are not just visually appealing but also proportionate to the room and your sofas. It should be within easy reach of all seating areas, a central hub where laughter and memories are shared. And remember, leave enough space around the table for smooth movement, allowing the flow of energy and conversation to circulate freely.

Last but certainly not least, let's add those captivating styling pieces, the finishing touches that breathe life and personality into your living room. Picture cushions that burst with texture and patterns, inviting you to sink into their comforting embrace. Throws that drape casually over sofas, ready to wrap you in warmth on chilly evenings. Artwork adorning the walls, telling stories and igniting your imagination. And let's not forget the vibrant touch of nature, as plants bring a fresh and calming energy into the space.

Remember, as you curate your living room that it is not just a space, but a reflection of your creativity. Have fun with it - you've got this!

Create the Look

🍃 Rug: @missamaraloves Laila Ivory Braided Wool Rug 3 x 4m

🍃 Armchairs: Chairs: @brosadesign Bailey Armchairs in Dolly White

🍃Entertainment Unit: Alice Entertainment Unit

🍃 Pot: @papayahomewares Alba Terracotta Pot

🍃Tree: Fiddle Leaf Fig

🍃Coffee Tables: @theorganicceramicsco Nest Tables

🍃Bowl on Coffee Table: @lightlydesign Infinity Bowl Large Enamel, Sand

🍃 Artwork: @artbygiudi 'A Calm Day'

🍃Dog Bed: @the.beeskneescollective ‘Dixie' Dog Bed

🍃Dog: Bear the Wonder Dog

🍃 Candlestand: Few&Far Cleopatra Candlestand

🍃Round Candles: @fewandfarhome Sphere Candle - Warm White

🍃Book on Top: For the Love of White

🍃Book on Bottom: Curate

🍃 Vase: @papayahomewares Thea Stoneware Urn, Large

🍃Bowl: @55parrots Raw Natural Teak Bowl

🍃Beads: @haikuandco Cream Solid Marble Beads

🍃 Lounge: Brosa Seta 4 Seater Sofa in Dolly White

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