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🏡 Unlock Your Dream Home Project with the HAAUS. Whole Home Fixtures and Finishes Schedule! 🏡


Are you embarking on a home renovation or building project and feeling overwhelmed by the mountain of product details, codes and decisions? Say hello to your new best friend: the HAAUS. Fixtures and Finishes Schedule - your key to stress-free, organised and efficient project management!


Download options available for both a PDF download AND an editable CANVA Template - the choice is entirely yours!


🛠️ What Can You Expect? 🛠️


✨ Streamlined Organisation: Our user-friendly template helps you store, organise and effortlessly track every product and finish for your project.


📲 Instant Access: Keep your project details right at your fingertips, accessible anytime on your phone.


👷‍♂️ Seamless Collaboration: Share your finishes schedule with your building team instantly. No more missed details, misunderstandings, or delays.


🎨 Detailed Finish Schedule: Capture all the vital project information:

✔️ Product Names

✔️ Product Codes

✔️ Brand Names

✔️ Colours (material and paint)

✔️ Product Sizes and Dimensions

✔️ Supplier and Manufacturer Details

✔️ Comments and Installation Notes

✔️ Visualise Products with Uploaded Images


🔗 Connect with Confidence: Access supplier websites and contact information directly from your schedule.


📋 Versatile Use: Perfect for one-room renovations or building your dream home. Plan your project today and the next one too!


🛠️ Professional-Grade: Trusted by the HAAUS. Team, builders and their trades for years  â€“ now available for you!


📝 Guided Start: Includes a prompt sheet to ensure you don't miss any crucial details.


🔑 Your Must-Have Project Management Tool: Whether it's a kitchen, bathroom, laundry, or any other project, our Fixtures and Finishes Schedule is the key to saving time, money and avoiding costly mistakes.


💑 A Tool for Everyone: Share your digital finishes schedule with your builder, trades, architect, or even your partner! Keep everyone on the same page, ensuring nothing gets overlooked.


🏆 Your Dream Home Awaits: Take the stress out of your project and enjoy the journey of creating your dream home!


Don't let chaos and confusion derail your project. Get the HAAUS. Fixtures and Finishes Schedule today and experience project management made easy.


👉 Click 'Add to Cart' to download your essential project management too.. Your dream Home starts here!  ðŸ âœ¨

Whole Home Fixtures and Finishes Schedule by HAAUS.

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