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Transform Your Home with the HAAUS. 4  Kitchen and Pantry Plans + Design Guide! 


Ready to bring the kitchen of your dreams to life, just like our renowned HAAUS.4 kitchen showcased in Grand Designs Australia?

Look no further than our comprehensive PDF download, packed with the exact plans, products and specifications to make your vision a reality!


Inside This Guide, You'll Discover:


✅ Precise Cabinetry Plans: Seamlessly communicate your vision to your cabinet maker with our detailed plans for a flawless execution.


🎨 Color and Oak Specifications: Recreate our stunning look with precise colour and oak specifications.


🚰 Fixture and Fitting Schedule: From sinks to taps, handles to stone specifications, we've got it all mapped out for you.


🏡 Comprehensive Design Details: Elevate your kitchen with expert guidance on appliances, flooring, lighting, and paint colour choices that bring your design together flawlessly.


🛍️ Effortless Product Exploration: Direct links to all the products featured in our kitchen make it a breeze to explore and purchase them online.


🪄 Expert Tips and Tricks: Our treasure trove of expert advice ensures that you get everything just right without the guesswork and stress.


📐 Streamlined Planning: Eliminate decision fatigue and enjoy the planning process with our straightforward, easy-to-follow downloads.


🍽️ Turn Your Kitchen Dreams into Reality: With confidence and clarity, you can now turn your kitchen dreams into a reality that will be the envy of the neighbourhood!


👉 Click 'Add to Cart' to secure your kitchen design guide and embark on a journey to transform your kitchen… Your dream kitchen starts here! 🏠✨

HAAUS. 4 Kitchen and Pantry Plans + Design Guide

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