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Your Bathroom How-To Guide: How to Manage those Tight Timelines..!

You know we love a good before and after...!

#HAAUS1 gave us that feeling like there was no end in sight. So if you’re currently building/renovating and feel overwhelmed, we know what you’re going through but trust us, it does get better! 🥰

For this home, we had so much to do in a very short 3 months timeframe. Being smack bang in the middle of lockdown didn’t help much either.

The original bathroom had an inbuilt bath with stairs leading up to it. It was quite possibly the ‘in thing to do’ 20 years ago however, it was number 1 on our ‘must go’ list.

To ensure we renovated this bathroom in a timely fashion, while also ending up with beautiful space, we followed these tips.

✔️ Use existing plumbing where possible. Moving showers, baths, toilets, vanities to different areas will not only cost you money, it will cost you time.

✔️ Think about the positioning of your shower mixers. We don’t like to put mixers directly under the shower head if we can avoid it. By doing this, we can turn the shower on and wait for the water to warm up before stepping in.

✔️ Have your fixtures and fittings onsite ready to go. Your builder will need tap fittings before your bathroom is sheeted.

✔️ If you’re adding a floor tap, ensure you draw your bath out on the floor before you position the tap. You need to get the positioning of your tap exact as you don’t want water running onto the floor (it seems crazy but we have seen people misjudge before and it is a very time consuming and costly mistake to fix once your bathroom is completed).

✔️ Organise your electrical before your bathroom build/reno begins. Decide if you would like a feature pendant or wall lights in your space and if you do, communicate this with your electrician so that wiring can be done correctly. You can’t just throw any old pendant over a bath. There are Australian standards that you must adhere to so speak with your electrician regarding this. Pendants can not be placed directly over a bath as it could be very dangerous if someone were to use it to assist them when getting out of the water.

✔️ Ensure you include a niche or shower ledge in your space. This can sometimes be overlooked however, it isn’t something you can add afterwards. It might not seem like a huge thing however, having shampoo, body wash, razors etc. just sitting on the floor isn’t a good look!

For this space we used:

Bath: @highgrovebathrooms

Floor tap and mixer: @abiinteriors

Plantation shutters: @bombo_curtains_and_blinds

Tiles: @bedrocktileandslate

Pendant: @beaconlighting

Stool: @uniqwacollections

Styling pieces: @countryroad

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