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To Curve, or not to Curve?

Do we love them? Yes, we do! ❤️✔️ Would we use them in every home we build? No we wouldn’t!

Pro’s: Curves soften an area and add a little more of an architectural feel to space.

- Curved walls encourage flow to a space.

- Curved walls are definitely a talking point because they’re not used in every home that’s on the market, therefore, offering a point of difference (as opposed to your everyday rectangular walls).


- They do cost a little more to frame up than regular walls. We do however, believe that it is worth the small additional cost.

- You can only use certain materials on curves. Penny round and Kit Kat tiles work well with curves however, if you have a 600x 600 tile you are adamant you want to use on a wall in your home, curves just won’t work. Look up microcement, render and plaster for ideas on how these products can be beautifully used on curved surfaces.

We get asked quite often ‘will curves date?’ Interior trends come and go over time, so it’s unpredictable. We wish we had a crystal ball that would provide us with this answer (and of course tonight’s Lotto numbers 😜). However, if you love curves and you’re just not sure whether you‘re brave enough to go through with it, we suggest that you go for it! Just as we are going to in #haaus5

To see a great way to incorporate curves into your home, we suggest you check out @houseg_360. They’ve absolutely nailed it!

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