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Tiny Space = Essential Planning

We really had to think about this space as it is small. We didn’t need storage in this area so we decided against having a vanity. Instead, we chose a stone piece and paired this with a timber shelf. ✌️

If you decide you want a shelf instead of a vanity, it is vital that you tell your builder this before you sheet the walls. The last thing you want is to walk into a beautiful space and the space be ruined by brackets that are sticking out all over the place. 😳 By pre planning, you can ensure the brackets are hidden in the walls, leaving you with a seamless finish.

We opted for a matte herringbone tile that added a little texture to the space without being ‘too much’.

You will find all the details below to recreate this space:

🍃 Design: @haausdesign

🍃 Joinery: Adam from @shellharbour.kitchens

🍃 Herringbone tiles in matte: Bill at @bedrocktileandslate

🍃Stone: @smartstoneaustralia. The stone we chose is Da Vinci and this piece is 60mm

🍃Timber shelf: @laminexau. We chose Oak Ravine and this piece is 40mm

🍃 Mixer and spout: ABI Interiors]]] Progressive mixer and spout

Basin: ABI Interiors]]] Labello Basin in matte white

Bottle trap: ABI Interiors]]] Marli Bottle Trap

Hand towel hook: ABI Interiors]]] Otto Robe Hook

Mirror: @ikea_australia Lindbyn Mirror

Vase: @flaxceramics

Travertine: @ambertiles @amberkellyville (see our previous post regarding how to make your own pieces)

Our walls are painted @duluxaus Lexicon Quarter.

If you have any questions reach out and we’ll do our best to help you out 💕

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