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The Most Beautiful Place We Ever Did Sit!

We spent a significant amount of time planning this space to ensure there was copious amounts of natural light flowing into the room.

To blend with the curved island bench, which sits within arms distance to the dining table, we decided to use a round table instead of a rectangular one. @globewest had the most beautiful table that matched perfectly with our flooring. It is so important to think about matching timbers in your initial planning stages. No one likes to see a million different timber times in the one space. We always, always ensure our timbers match or blend in some way, shape or form.

Another important little tip when planning your dining space is to ensure you look at the back of chairs, not just the front. Many people forget to do this. More often than not, it will be the back of the chair that you and your guests will be looking at so it's so vital to take this into consideration before you make a purchase. We've been stuck before where the chair itself looks amazing but the back is less appealing. Not a good look of you want a lux feel to your dining room.

These chairs from @globewest not only look beautiful, they are super easy to clean. Again this is a must for us when we have kids dropping food all over them. We're not sure if it's just us but our kids seem to have tomato sauce with EVERYTHING. The downside to this (apart from the fact that it's not the healthiest thing) is that it spills all over the place. 😫 Lucky for us, we can just give these chairs a quick wipe over and they're as good as new 🙌 If you have kids or you're a messy eater yourself (like we are hehe), steer clear of fabric dining chairs.

Can you believe the before pics?? We are super happy with this reno. 🙌

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