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Our Tips to Creating an Ah-mazing Bathroom...

PS - This is still one of our most favourite ensuites to date. 👌

We used a 1500 vanity by @adpaustralia and offset the basin. This was a decision we went back and forth on multiple times, asking ourselves whether we should do a double basin instead of a single. However, we’re so glad we decided to do something different than the norm. By using one basin, we had enough space to hang a beautiful pendant light (this one is the Bowie by @beaconlighting).

To ensure we had light coming through this whole space, we added a beautiful @veluxaustralia skylight over the shower area. Natural light in a room totally transforms a space so if can fit a skylight in your budget, go for it! 💕

The dimensions of this ensuite are 3.6 x 1.6 and the ceiling height is 2.4. If we were adding a new space, we would always ensure our ceiling height is a minimum of 2.7 however, for this room we had to work with what was already there.

Here are our tips for making the best of a bathroom/ensuite space:

✔️ Opt for a wall hung vanity instead of a floor mount vanity. This will open up your space.

✔️ Hide any floor wastes under your vanities. No one wants to walk into a beautiful bathroom only to see a waste smack bang in the middle of the floor 😳

✔️ Where possible, hide your powerpoints. For this space, we put them on the side of the vanity. You can however, get them inbuilt into your vanity. @adpaustralia provide this option to their customers.

✔️ Keep your tiles simple. It can be really exciting to create wall features however, think about whether they will date or not. Sometimes you might be certain a tile won’t date and then 5 years down the track you want to rip out your bathroom again. We’ve been in this position ourselves 😳 You can always change the colour of your towels, soaps, bath mats etc. so get creative with things instead👌

✔️ Plan everything before you start your build/reno, right down to the finest detail.

✔️ Don’t forget to plan for towel hook/rails. Everyone needs towels in a bathroom/ensuite and this can be easily overlooked. To ensure your not having to do a nudie run around the house, plan, plan, plan for this ✌️

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