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Our Most Asked Kitchen Question: "Where Do I Start???"

Crisp, white and oozing that coastal lux feel...

A few of our tips when placing your kitchen design :

✔️ Place your sink first. Will it be on your island bench or somewhere else? Once you've decided this, positioning of all other appliances can be planned.

✔️ Ensure you have chosen your appliances before you have your kitchen renders drawn up. You don't want to end up with a kitchen that won't fit a fridge.

✔️ The Kitchen Triangle refers to the positioning of the three most important features in any kitchen – the fridge, cooktop and sink. By placing them in a triangle, you'll make practical use of your space.

✔️ Integrate appliances where you can. It will create a seamless overall look.

✔️ Noone can ever really have enough storage. It's almost as if the more storage you have, the more junk you find 🤔 To optimise your storage space, have cupboards run to the ceiling where possible. If you have high ceilings, you can work with your joiner to include electric mechanisms into your cupboards so high shelves are easy to access.

✔️ Get a sample of the stone you would like on your benchtop and test it out. Splash red wine on it, sauces, coffee, the works! This will give you a good indication about whether or not you can live comfortably with your chosen stone.

✔️ Consider if you want handles or finger pull cabinets before you engage your kitchen joiner.

✔️ Sinks: wherever possible, choose an undermount sink. Not only do they look good, they're much easier to clean.

✔️ Plan for an integrated bin system. A double bin is perfect. You can even get drawers that have handles on them making it easy for you to take your rubbish out!

✔️ If you're opting for a white kitchen, we prefer a 2 Pac system over laminate. It is a little more expensive however, the look and feel is much nicer. If you are having a black kitchen, opt for venette. This finish will show less finger prints which will save you in cleaning costs overtime 😜

Ask us any questions you have about kitchen placing /design - we will be happy to answer them for you! ❤️

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