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Laundry Loveliness…

What a different a coat of paint, new cabinetry and beautiful stone can make! 👌

For this laundry, we wanted to keep it white with just a touch of colour. We opted for @polytec cabinetry and brushed brass finishes.

We have had lots of people ask us if it's easy to match brushed brass fixtures to ensure there is consistency throughout a home. Our honest answer to this is 'not always'.

We have used a range of brushed brass products and have found that @abiinteriors match perfectly with @loandcointeriors. It took quite a bit of trial and error using different brands to get products to match.

Splashbacks are always another thing we're asked about quite often. In our laundry spaces, we always use the same stone as we have used on the benchtop. Our reasoning is as follows:

✔️ using the same stone as your benchtop will save you tonnes of cleaning time. There is no grout that you need to scrub, which is a huge plus for us.

✔️ Tiled splashbacks may date overtime. The 'in thing' at the moment is herringbone, kit kat, penny rounds tiles (we have used these at times to). Will this be the trend is 5 years time? Only time will tell!

✔️ For this space we didn't want the splashback to be the feature so we kept it simple and have used greenery and styling products to brighten up the space. ✔️ If you're using the same stone, you may get away with using the same slab. Meaning you could save on overall costs. 👌

Here are the details of the sink area in our laundry:

🍃 Cabinetry: @polytec low sheen vivid white

🍃 Stone: @smartstoneaustralia Da Vinci

🍃 Joiner: Adam from @shellharbour.kitchens

Sink: @abeyaustralia Schock

Tap: @abiinteriors Here you see the Elysian tap with pull out mixer (for functionality, we suggest purchasing the pull out option for your laundry space).

🍃Handles: @loandcointeriors Kintore Brass Handles

🍃 Hand towel: @saardehome Clay hand towel

🍃 Hand Soap: @leifproducts

And because we know you love a good before pic… Check out the before pic! 😳

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