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How to Nail Bathroom Styling

Updated: May 16, 2022

We’ve had quite a number of questions over the past few days about how to style a bathroom. Our advice is to always keep it simple!

Think of what you want the feature of your bathroom to be - is it the bathtub, the tiles, the vanity or the tapware? Then work around this feature to ensure all your products link together. Incorporate the exisiting tones in the bathroom into your styling. Don’t go for bright, patterned bath towels if you want the space to feel calm and inviting (which most people want a bathroom to be. Lets be honest, no one goes into this space to party). Instead, opt for a solid colour that is easy on the eye.

When purchasing towels, our advice is to always hold the towel up in the store to see how it falls. You want a towel that flows and drops easily, rather than a towel that is heavy and hard to manoeuvre.

For this bathroom, the profile was coastal lux. We used tiles that had a soft sand undertone and incorporated brass tapware. We wanted to brighten the space so we used a white vanity. It is very interesting how the use of colour can really change the overall look and feel of a space. Had we used a timber vanity for example, this bathroom would feel completely different.

We wanted to use raw materials in this bathroom and decided to incorporate timber into our styling (rather than in our ‘big ticket’ items). We chose the UNIQWA COLLECTIONS] Akoni table to add an extra element to this space. We then used natural travertine products to link this space with the rest of the home.

Styling Ideas:

Table: UNIQWA COLLECTIONS] Akoni table

Hand towel: @saardehome

Candle: @myer

Lotus Flower: @mossneststore

Travertine Candle Holder: @freedom_australia

Floor Tap: @abiinteriors

Remember our initial advice…. Keep it simple xo

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