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How to Create a Luxe Bedroom Space

This beautiful bed looks super comfortable and we don’t want to ruin the way it’s been made. However, one needs their beauty beauty sleep so those pretty cushions will be thrown off very soon 😜

To ensure we created that lux feel, we used a soft white linen cover by The Cover Collective]]. We then paired this with a range of linen cushions from F E A T H E R + O A K]].

For us, there is nothing worse than seeing a beautifully dressed bed only look down and see a tacky bed base. We used the The Cover Collective]] bed shirt to address this problem and we feel we couldn’t have made a better choice. The skirt falls beautifully and the quality is amazing.

We’ve had quite a few questions about our bedhead over the past week. This one was custom made using Porta | Know and Love Timber] products. If you can’t source your dream bedhead, we highly recommend sourcing a good builder who can frame one up for you 👌

Bed linen: The Cover Collective]]

Cushions: F E A T H E R + O A K]]

Throw: F E A T H E R + O A K]] and @saardehome

Side table: @bunnings

Bedhead: Porta | Know and Love Timber]

Styling pieces: @countryroad, @fewandfarhome and @flaxceramics

Definitely loving the coastal vibes we feel when walking this home 🙌

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