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DIY-ing Your Way to Your Dream Bedroom Space

We spent today changing up the main bedroom of #haaus2.

If you swipe 👈 and look at the before pics, you'll see the huge task we had ahead of us a few months ago. It's safe to say that we are happy to be rid of those purple walls 😜

For this space, we wanted a bedhead that had that lux coastal feel and stretched the whole length of the wall. We shopped around for months and couldn't quite get what we wanted so we put our creative hats on and made our own. 🙌 We had our builder frame it up and then we used @porta_timber to finish off the bedhead. We then used @duluxaustralia Lexicon Quarter to match it in with the rest of the room.

Another issue we faced was sourcing bedside tables that linked with the overall feel of the home. We loved the use of travertine in our outside area and wanted to bring this feel throughout each room. We again opted to make our own using 3 travertine pavers from @bunnings, a tube of glue and their DIY website tips.

We wanted warm light behind the bed that wasn't too 'in your face' so we opted for wall lights from @beaconlighting. We are so glad we went with this option as opposed to pendant bedside lights. 👌

If you have any questions, pop them below and we will happily get back to you xx

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