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An Entry That Dreams Are Made Of… 💕

White washed recycled brick, beautiful oak flooring and the most beautiful timber door. Simple, elegant and sure to give that wow factor the minute you step into this beautiful home.

It's so easy when planning a space to get excited and find yourself wanting to include a million different features. Stone wall cladding, timber panelling, micro cement, feature tiles, feature windows........The list goes on and on with all the amazing things on offer these days. 😳

Our advice is to focus on one feature within a space and then work around it. If you really want rock wall cladding for example, have that as the main feature and work backwards.

More often than not, things are beautiful when they're the main feature but when put together with other 'big ticket items' they can look too busy and take away from your initial overall goals for a space.

As you can see here, @thespringshome has ensured the stunning brick wall is the hero feature. The door and flooring compliment the brown undertones seen on the wall without making the space too busy. Really think about this if you're planning a build or reno and make yourself a few vision boards so you can see how everything works together. The last thing anyone wants is to spend big bucks only to be disappointed with the end result 👌

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